A Touch of Magic

A Touch of Magic

Our homes have been spreading a touch of magic recently with their interactive sensory Magic Tables!

These have been introduced as part of the Happiness Programme, an activities service which blends interactive, sensory light technology with a guided programme of training and support for staff.

The programme has been developed by Social Ability whose founders, and many of their team, have family members who’ve lived with dementia and cognitive challenges. Driven by personal experience, Social Ability have a mission to ‘spark more laughter for all, especially those with cognitive challenges and those that are caring for them’.

Each of our six homes now have their own Magic Table with the aim to provide the residents with transformative, safe, meaningful and engaging activities.

The machine itself is a lightweight portable projector that can be shone on to any blank surface including tables, walls, floors, ceilings and even bed sheets to create an experience that is accessible for all. There is an ever-expanding range of games with various themes including, social, movement, music, reminiscence and relaxation.

We have seen many of our residents benefit from these activities as they encourage them to use their motor skills, interact with other residents and tap in to activities that they once enjoyed, and have fond memories of.

The Magic Table has now become a part of the homes’ recreational therapy and will hopefully continue to be a useful aid, enriching quality of life for our residents.

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