A Day In The Life of a Hillcroft Nurse

We are proud of all our nurses here at Hillcroft and this is Danni’s story. Danni joined us as Deputy Matron for two of our homes, Carnforth and Slyne 12 months ago. Her career at Hillcroft has really opened the door to a unique and fulfilling role for Danni, a truly empathetic and caring person. Below is her story so far.

Rewarding. Challenging. Exciting.

I started working in the social care sector 20 years ago as a carer. I found it really enjoyable to care for people and make a difference to their lives. Nursing was in the family, as both my grandma and my mum were nurses. During my nurse training I found the treatment of chronic illness the most interesting. This led me to stick with the care sector after registering as fully qualified nurse.

Fast forward 16 years and I was looking to relocate from the south of England to Lancashire, so I started researching nursing homes in the area. What attracted me to Hillcroft in the first place was that they were a group of six homes, yet they had a local feel because they are located near to other and part of one community. I also thought they looked professional and they had a good CQC report, as it’s important to me to work at a home with high standards that matched my own values.

I applied for the role of Deputy Matron which was an important step up for me. The care sector is nurse-led so I have a lot more autonomy in this senior role. My main duties are supporting the matrons and being the face that people come to. I have built strong relationships with my colleagues, the residents and their loved ones. I also have great relationships with other professionals like the doctor’s surgeries who we work closely with.

There is nothing more rewarding to me than improving an individual’s situation, especially when families turn around and thank me and say that they couldn’t have got through things without us. It’s the little things that matter to people. Families should be treated well and given reassurance in what can be a difficult time. From personal experience with my own family I know how much this matters.

In contrast to the popular beliefs amongst many trainee nurses, this is not a static job and there are so many things you can get involved in like dementia care. You can make such a difference with community care; care homes are not just places people come to die. At any stage of your nursing career, being here means you get the chance to make the difference to people’s lives. You can make friendships as well as providing the medical care needed for the residents and really get the chance to know them as people, not patients.

Yes, it can be a challenging role at times but the rewards outweigh them. Palliative care is my passion and I see it as an honour to be able to give someone a pleasant death.

The ethos of Hillcroft is family and it really has a family feel to it here, I am having such a positive experience with my colleagues. I am forward thinking and everyone has embraced my ideas including the leadership team. I learn a lot too from the people I work with.

I am extremely proud to have worked my way up to this managerial role from carer. I’ve gained so much confidence along the way and I am loving the opportunity to keep on learning.

If you think you have what it takes to make a difference to the people in your community, then come and work with us at Hillcroft. We’re waiting to welcome you home.