A Day In The Life of a Hillcroft Nurse

We are proud of all our nurses here at Hillcroft and this is Angela’s story. Angela is a truly caring and compassionate individual, as well as being a very experienced nurse. Angela joined the team at our Carnforth home 7 years ago. After 3 years at Carnforth, Angela then moved to our Slyne home, where she is one of the nurses on Ullswater Unit. Angela enjoys providing our residents with the very best possible care. Below is her story so far.

Rewarding. Stable. Satisfying.

I’ve been working as a nurse now for 47 years. I decided on nursing as a career when I was about sixteen. My career began in the NHS where I worked for many years in various fields including psychiatry, geriatrics, renal dialysis and transplants and coronary care. I then moved to the care sector where I became matron of a nursing home for many happy years, before I decided to move to Hillcroft in 2011.

I chose Hillcroft as I felt like making a new start and no longer wanted to be a matron. I researched the homes in the local area and found much that was good about Hillcroft. They really are lovely homes, welcoming to new staff and offer professional teaching to keep us up to date with modern practices; most importantly, I would happily leave any of my family, to be cared for here at Hillcroft, Slyne.

Being a nurse on Ullswater Unit involves caring for fourteen residents. In this unit there are three or four of us on duty and we work closely as a team to meet the needs of all the residents – whether physical, or psychological and emotional.

My main duties include a meeting every morning and evening, having a full handover between shifts, where we discuss our residents and any important matters, as well as delivering the three medicine rounds every day. We support each other; I depend on the carers to be observant and pass things on to me, and they will come to me, to ask for advice or ideas. I liaise with the matron too.

I have great relationships with my colleagues; we have a strong bond and support each other daily. I have developed lovely relationships with the residents and their families too. The ethos of Hillcroft is family, and it really has a family feel to it here. I enjoy providing our residents with the very best possible care – after all, their families have entrusted us with their lives and if we get it right, there is great job satisfaction to be had. What’s also satisfying is to pass on knowledge, gleaned over many years, to carers, and watch them develop and begin to feel that same sense of reward.

I encourage the carers in the team to make our residents feel settled by continuing with the routines and the habits that the residents previously had at home as much as possible. These can be small things like giving them the right drinks at the right time; offering them as relaxed and as ‘un-institutional’ a life as we can; perhaps honouring their wish to sit quietly on their own; or playing the sort of music they used to listen to. There are so many good people working here at Hillcroft and many opportunities for colleagues to work their way up. Some have been taken onto an undergraduate training programme to become Assistant Practitioners.

I really do love my job here. Our fixed ‘off duty’ at Hillcroft offers the chance to plan well ahead, in life away from work, with guaranteed alternate 3 days weekends off. Not many nursing homes offer that! I would recommend nursing at Hillcroft, as it offers an opportunity to have a happy, stable and very rewarding career.

If you think you have what it takes to make a difference to the people in your community, then come and work with us at Hillcroft. We’re waiting to welcome you home.