Update to Visiting Arrangements: July 2021

Despite the relaxation of restrictions in the wider community from the 19th July, the situation for care homes remains much the same.


The limit on the number of named visitors (previously 5) has been removed, however all other infection control measures must remain in place in order to protect the residents in our care.


In reality therefore, there will be minimal changes to our current visiting arrangements as these must still be by appointment, and subject to risk assessment and testing.


Self-testing at home prior to a booked visit remains available as previously communicated and detailed in our full visiting policy available on request and on our website.


Close contact e.g., hugging is still not recommended for named visitors, but the risks of this are mitigated by both parties being fully vaccinated.


Residents are now also able to nominate an essential care giver, who can visit more often, subject to a full risk assessment. If the resident lacks capacity, a best interest process will be followed.  As contact with staff and other residents should be minimised, we remain unable to facilitate any visiting in communal areas.


Essential care givers must follow the same testing arrangements, and the same PPE and infection control arrangements, as care home staff and it is strongly recommended that essential care givers receive 2 doses of vaccine before conducting visits.


The essential care giver role is intended as a way of supporting residents to benefit from companionship and additional care and support being provided by someone with a unique personal relationship with the resident, perhaps formed over many years.


The essential care giver arrangements are intended for circumstances where the visitor’s presence, or the care they provide, is central to the health and wellbeing of the resident, and their health or wellbeing could deteriorate without it.


Please remember that all the measures that are in place are to help protect the most vulnerable, especially in the face of the new variants of the virus.


We thank you again for your continued patience and co-operation during these difficult times.


Best Wishes from The Hillcroft Team


Click Here To View The Full Visiting Policy