Embracing a New Role

Assistant PractitionersWith a shortage of Nurses in the care sector it has now been recognised that developing the role of a Care Assistant may be the way forward.

The Directors at Hillcroft Nursing Homes are pleased to announce that they have selected three members of staff to be enrolled on a Level 5 two-year apprenticeship course that is being run by the University of Cumbria.

The three lucky applicants, Mel Baines, from our Lancaster home, Jackie Walsh, from our Slyne home and Shagufta Woodruff from our Morecambe home have been selected to further their career in care.

The apprenticeship scheme will introduce a new role within Hillcroft and once qualified the trio will be working as Assistant Practitioners, meaning they will be assisting the Nurses in the running of the units.

The apprentices will attend the University of Cumbria one day a week while still working at the home they are employed by with all fees being paid for by Hillcroft.

Louise Mattinson, Director at Hillcroft welcomes this new role.

She said: “We have recognised that there is untapped potential here and that we have experienced care staff who want to further develop themselves without having to go off to do a degree.”

Once qualified, Assistant Practitioners will be working alongside our Nurses and they will be able to take charge on units, administer medications and be involved in care planning for our residents.

Louise explained: “They will have to be overseen by a Nurse and we will always have a Nurse in the building but this is about developing the Care Assistant role.

“There is a shortage of Nurses at the moment and this is an ongoing issue, hopefully with Assistant Practitioners in place this should take some of the pressure off our Nurses and provide them with the support they need.”