React to Red Workshops

Earlier this year it was suggested that we hold regular workshops to give staff the opportunity to update their knowledge and develop new skills.

The hot topic for May and June was pressures sores and workshops ran at our Training Academy covering the React to Red approach.

Pressure ulcers (also known as pressure sores) are injuries to the skin and underlying tissue, caused by prolonged pressure on the skin. They can happen to anyone but tend to affect people with health conditions that make it difficult to move, especially those who are confined to a bed or sit in a chair or wheelchair for a long period of time. They often develop gradually, but can sometimes form in a few hours.

David Thompson, Trainer, said: “I would like to thank everyone who attended the React to Red awareness workshops this week. I hope you found it informative.

“We have more dates on in July for staff who were not able to attend”.

It is estimated that just under half a million people in the UK will develop at least one pressure ulcer in any given year. This is more likely to happen to people with an underlying health condition – for example, around 1 in 20 people who are admitted to hospital with a sudden illness will develop a pressure ulcer.


  • Part of the skin becoming discoloured
  • Discoloured patches not turning white when pressed
  • A patch of the skin that feels warm, spongy or hard
  • Pain or itchiness in the affected area
  • An open wound or blister
  • A deep wound that reaches the deeper layers of the skin
  • A very deep wound that may reach the muscle and bone


Our homes decorated their reception areas with React to Red posters and balloons and will be doing so again in July when we hold more workshops!