Nursing Care

Elderly Frail Nursing

Hillcroft Nursing Homes offer all the comforts of home with individual personal
and nursing care options for the elderly. Additional help and support is provided as symptoms may progress and each home has qualified nurse cover 24 hours a day for total peace of mind.

Elderly Mentally Infirm Nursing

Hillcroft provide a professional, empathetic and structured approach to care for our mentally infirm residents, in a stimulating yet relaxed and friendly ‘home from home’ environment. Our aim at all times is to support individuals and help them through appropriate supervision provided by highly trained carers with a firm focus on their safety and well-being in a secure, familiar environment.

Behavioural Support

We have specialist behavioural support units within a selection of our homes that are dedicated to accommodating the particular needs of our residents with more challenging symptoms. Higher levels of dedicated and skilled sta enable us to achieve positive benefits for these residents through a person-centred focus.

Early Onset Dementia

A term used to describe anyone diagnosed with dementia under the age of 65, people also use the terms ‘young onset dementia’, or ‘working age dementia’. The symptoms of dementia may be similar whatever a person’s age, however younger people may have dierent needs which may subsequently require a dierent approach.

Palliative Care

This personal, professional and compassionate care is directed towards improving quality of life, whilst placing an importance on retaining dignity and vitality. Palliative care focuses on the control of pain and relief of symptoms whilst encouraging residents to think about their plans for
their future care, where and how they would like to receive it.

End of Life Care

Our aim for end of life is to fulfil individual’s wishes and plans for their preferred place
of care and treatment, whilst ensuring that loved ones may visit whenever possible to provide much needed comfort and support to nurture their precious time together. We understand that this can be a challenging and upsetting time for all involved and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Residential nursing care at its Finest


Continuing Healthcare

Continuing Healthcare is the name given to a level of need which is assessed and funded by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and in some cases jointly with Lancashire County Council for people outside hospital with ongoing health needs. Continuing healthcare funding supports residents living in nursing homes who have been assessed and meet a select criteria; if care needs have become complex, it is important that our residents find themselves in the right environment and we believe that is within our nursing care at Hillcroft.

A full assessment will be done by the Matron prior to admission and communicated fully to the resident and their loved ones. We work closely with the CCG and have a joint care pathway to ensure the correct care is established by a multidisciplinary team (MDT) including the resident or their representative.