Mr Jackson gives a powerful insight into how a care home should be



A Relative of a Hillcroft Resident

It’s about five months since Mum moved to Galgate after nearly two years of vascular deterioration, ultimately resulting in the loss of both legs. It was a very difficult time for her with lengthy times in hospital which were very disorientating. Moreover, she had to come to accept that she could no longer live independently; something we knew she would find difficult.

I just wanted to write to say how impressed both my brother and I have been by the quality of care she has received and the endless small ways in which the staff have made her feel at ease and help her adjust. Everyone who cares for Mum has been wonderful – there is a fantastic ethos that seems to be shared by all and the results are clear to see. Mum hasn’t looked as good as she does now for a long, long time.

It gives us real peace of mind to know she is so well cared for. I’m always made to feel very welcome and am regularly updated about any concerns about Mum. I hope I’ve made it clear when I’ve spoken to people about how grateful we are for all their hard work, but I wanted to take this opportunity to express it more formally. It takes really special people to deliver such an efficient, dignified service and create the warm atmosphere that has made Mum feel so settled, so quickly.

So thank you, everyone for everything you have done. It hasn’t been easy for Mum to come through three major operations, leave her home and the area she has lived (for over 55 years) and accept the degree of intimate care she now requires. The fact that she is so comfortable and happy speaks volumes for the sensitive and thoughtful approach of all concerned  with her welfare.

There is a poster that says something to the effect that the staff at Hillcroft are heroes. I couldn’t agree more. You really are a remarkable team of professionals, continually working to the highest standards. We feel very fortunate that Mum has been able to move to Hillcroft House and be under your care.

A Relative of a Hillcroft Resident

WOW! What a lovely place. The building, grounds, kitchen, day room, corridors and bedrooms are beautiful. The staff are all so happy in their work, which also shows in the level of care the Residents get.

The best nursing home I’ve seen yet. Well done to everyone involved.


A Relative of a Hillcroft Resident

From the first contact, we were impressed with the efficient, professional, knowledgeable and caring approach from all levels of staff. All the assistants demonstrated fantastic kindness, patience and skill. Indeed, everyone was so good to us too on our visits – we will miss all the tea and cake!

In these times of constant media sensationalism of poor practice, I wish the heroes of excellence got more coverage.

Your staff are a credit to their profession and your company.

A Relative of a Hillcroft Resident

Slowly losing a dear mother to dementia is a difficult thing, but knowing she was well looked after and cared for was a big comfort. One less thing to worry about.

She was very much treated on an individual and personal level and always with dignity. Everything from the clothes you chose for her to the way you were interested in, and tried to engage with, her past life.

A Relative of a Hillcroft Resident

We came to look on you all as friends and family and your slogan “Welcome Home” is so richly deserved. You all make a wonderful team and we cannot thank you enough.

A Relative of a Hillcroft Resident

Dad was always kept warm, well fed, clean, well dressed, stimulated and given medical care the moment he needed it. His room and bedding was always spotless and his clothes all nicely washed and ironed. We felt fully supported and respected by staff throughout, including the constant offers of tea, coffee and food.

A Relative of a Hillcroft Resident

I would like to say a big thank you for the excellent, professional and personal way in which you all cared for my mum. It was especially important for me, as I live an hour and a half away, that I had the assurity that she was being well looked after.

A Relative of a Hillcroft Resident

My family and I were always made to feel incredibly welcomed and at ease during our visits, allowing this precious time with John to be memorable.

a Relative of a Hillcroft Resident

Thank you for the outstanding care you gave to Dad and thank you for extending this to our family during Dad’s last week. Thank you for recruiting such an amazing team, it is clear that you care for your own guests as if they are your own family. After having spent the last 7 days with you I am now left with a positive memory from a very difficult time. You are wonderful people who I will remember forever.

A Relative of a Hillcroft Resident

To all the staff at Hillcroft, please accept this card and the flowers as a small token of our appreciation for the wonderful care you showed to our dear Mum and to us as a family. During Mum’s stay and especially during her last few weeks of palliative care at Hillcroft I personally witnessed compassion, respect and dignity shown to Mum at all times.

When Mum was at her most vulnerable I was overwhelmed by the way she was treated so lovingly by all. It is not just ‘care’ it is a vocation – ‘a calling’.