The Mane Event

In October, the British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre came to our Morecambe home with two ex race horses.

One called Malcolm and one called Bomber. They were wearing purple ribbons in their manes and tails in honour of Queen Elizabeth II since her racing colour was purple.

Malcolm is 11 years old and his racing name was My My. He raced eleven times with his last race being in 2015.

Bomber is six years old and his racing name was Bomb Proof. He raced nine times, winning his first and second races. In September 2021, Bomber retired.

Our residents were very surprised to see two race horses in the garden and the staff helped a few who wanted to, to come out and stroke the horses. Those who didn’t want to come outside, were still able to see them and watch through the windows.

Malcolm and Bomber were very gentle and patient with the staff and residents and they were able to ask the ladies from the centre any questions they had.

All in all, it was a lovely morning and the residents thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

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