Who's Who

Our dedicated and caring team members share our strong held values of caring, respect and commitment, providing a safe home from home, where all of our residents are cared for as individuals and with dignity.


John Ayrton – Managing Director

John is one of the founders of Hillcroft and was childhood friends with David and Brian Pinington. John is an Article Building Surveyor by trade and early on in his career used to go out working with Vic Pinington (the founder of Pinington Ltd) when he was younger.

John, David and Brian have been working together for 37 years and all of them have expressed how proud they are of what Hillcroft has become.

Despite being in his 70s John regularly visits all the Hillcroft homes to ensure everything is running smoothly.



Directors & Staff

Brian Pinington – Director

Brothers, Brian and David Pinington, took over the family business when their father, who founded the company, retired.

Plumbers by trade the company was originally known as V E Pinington & Sons Ltd. It wasn’t long until John Ayrton came on board and the company grew in size, changing its name to Pinington Ltd.

From their union Hillcroft was born and it’s a project that both brothers feel very strongly about.

Brian, the eldest of the two, oversees the services of each Hillcroft home and ensures everything is running smoothly.



Directors & Staff

David Pinington – Director

Along with his brother and John, David has ensured that Hillcroft has grown from strength to strength.

David heads up the development projects and at the moment is project managing the development work that is taking place at the Galgate home.




Louise Mattinson – Director

Louise has been working for Hillcroft since day one – 25 years ago. As a trained assistant accountant and the daughter of Brian Pinington she was deemed the perfect candidate to help set up the administration department.

She began as a one-woman team in charge of the accounts and administration but as the company grew so did the department and she took on many new roles.

Promoted to Director in 2014 Louise makes many important decisions about the future of the company as well as still looking after the administration department.



Gill Reynolds – Director

Gill began her Hillcroft career in 1999 as a holiday relief Nurse but within 12 months of starting work she had been appointed to Matron of the Caton Green home.

She remained there for four years before she moved to the Morecambe home where she was Matron for a further eight years.

With more than 20 years of nursing experience Gill was made General Manager of the company and Head of Nursing. Then in 2014 Gill was given the title of Director.

Gill supports the Matrons on a day to day basis.


Tracey Cooke – Matron at Carnforth

Tracey’s background is in nursing and she first came to Hillcroft in 1997 working nights. Previously she had worked as a nurse at Furness General Hospital in Barrow.

After a few years working at Carnforth Hillcroft she moved over to the Slyne home in 2007 to help open it. She acted as Matron for two years before returning to Carnforth to work as the lead nurse on the Challenging Behaviour Unit. But it wasn’t long until she became Deputy Matron and then Matron in 2012.

As Matron Tracey oversees everything that goes on within the home and ensures the residents needs are met.


Linda Halpin – Matron at Caton Green 

Linda’s background is in care and she first started working for Hillcroft 15 years ago. She came into the company as a Care Assistant and worked her way up the ranks.

After becoming Senior Care Assistant and then Care Supervisor she then moved on to working closely with the Matrons. She was in charge of going round all the homes, sorting out holiday relief and doing the rotas. She would also fill in as a Deputy Matron when needed.

Four years ago Linda completed her Registered Manager Award and when the position of Matron came up at the Caton Green home she was deemed the perfect candidate.

As Matron Linda oversees everything that goes on within the home and ensures the residents needs are met.


Kausar Parveen – Matron at Morecambe

Kausar originally started her nursing career in Pakistan. After two and a half years working as a Nurse in Saudi Arabia with her husband they then relocated to the UK in 2004 and Kausar quickly got a job at the Carnforth home as a Nurse in charge.

Over the years she has nursed at all the homes and then took up the position of Maton at the Morecambe home in 2013.

As Matron Kausar oversees everything that goes on within the home and ensures the residents needs are met.


Siji Varghese– Matron at Lancaster

Siji qualified as a Nurse 17 years ago and has worked for Hillcroft for the past 11 years. She has acted as the Deputy Matron at our Carnforth home alongside Tracey Cooke for the past two years.

When the position of Matron came up at our Lancaster home, Siji was keen to progress her career and went for the job. She has worked on a number of different units, including the challenging behaviour unit at Carnforth and thoroughly enjoys nursing.

As Matron Siji oversees everything that goes on within the home and ensures the residents needs are met.



Sara Martin– Matron at Slyne

Sara came on board with Hillcroft in 2008. She started her career as a holiday-relief Care Assistant but wanted to become a Nurse.

She started her Nurse training at the University of Central Lancashire in 2009 and qualified in 2012 while still working bank shifts for Hillcroft.

After qualifying she went to work as a Nurse as Blackpool Victoria Hospital but returned to Hillcroft when she was asked to become Deputy Matron in 2014 at the Slyne home. She was promoted to Matron in 2015.

As Matron Sara oversees everything that goes on within the home and ensures the residents needs are met.


Audrey Warriner– Matron at Galgate

Audrey’s career at Hillcroft started when the company bought the Lancaster home, formally known as Fairfield Hall, in 2006.

She had been nursing since the 1970s and in Lancaster she was the nurse in charge. She then became the Deputy Matron.

When the newest Hillcroft home opened in Galgate in 2012 Audrey was promoted to Matron and has been there ever since.

As Matron Audrey oversees everything that goes on within the home and ensures the residents needs are met.


Helen Foden – Quality Manager 

Helen started working for Hillcroft in 1995, when she was just 16-years-old. She began her Hillcroft career as a Care Assistant and gradually worked her way up the ranks.

In 2000 Helen made the move over to admin and within just four years she became the auditor for the group. Her work ethic and dedication to the company didn’t go unnoticed and in 2012 she was promoted to Deputy Quality Manager and then Quality Manager in 2015.

Helen oversees the Quality department which takes care of audits across the group. She also reports to the funding bodies and monitors and reviews situations within the homes. The department is expanding and communications has now also been incorporated.


Steve Davis – Senior Chef

Steve came on board 11 years ago as the Senior Chef at Hillcroft. The position was new and at first Steve was based at the Carnforth home before moving over to the Slyne home and then back to Carnforth.

He supervises all six kitchens and with a catering career that spans over 40 years enjoys introducing new items on the menu.

He has around 30 staff to watch over and prides his team on keeping high standards within the Hillcroft kitchens.


Debbie Hagel – Personnel Officer

Debbie first began her career at Hillcroft eight years ago. She came on board as a holiday-relief receptionist and as time went on her career developed.

With a background in administration and hospitality Debbie welcomed the progression opportunities she was given in her career and within a matter of years she was made Personnel Officer.

Debbie is in charge of recruitment for all six homes and any personnel issues that arise.